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Why Should You Have Your Solar Panels Cleaned?

Solar panels work by absorbing sunlight into the solar cells, or the photovoltaic cells. The more sunlight that is in contact with the solar panels, the more will be generated for your home. If you need solar panel cleaning in Los Angeles, you have come to the right place!

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Solar panels are susceptible of collecting dirt, grime, debris, pollutant and bird droppings that rain cannot wash away. This reduces the solar panels output of electricity by blocking the amount of sunlight that hits the panel.

By not cleaning your solar panels and allowing dirt to build up, your solar panels efficiency is significantly decreased. Solar panel installation companies are basing the panels performance based on clean solar panels. This is why it is so important to have your solar panels cleaned on a regular bases and truly maximize the return on your investment.

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Advantages & Benefits of Solar Cleaning

Does it Increase Production?

The two biggest advantages of cleaning your solar panels are maximizing their production and protecting your investment. Clean solar panels allow maximum light exposure to the solar cells creating photovoltaic production and increasing power.

Studies have shown that dirty solar panels have decrease the photovoltaic levels. A recent study stated, “The accumulation of airborne particles (both in the shape of dust and anthropic pollution) on solar cells can grind their output down by MORE THAN 25%.”

Solar Panel Cleaning Los Angeles Before & After

Solar Panel Cleaning Before & After

Based on these facts, we recommend semi-annual cleanings to protect both your energy production and the return on your investment.

Does Rain Clean Your Solar Panels?

No! Rain does not clean your solar panels effectively or efficiently. Did you know that raindrops collect pollutants on their way down to Earth? It is true. Rainfall plays a valuable role in scavenging natural as well as artificial particles from the dirty atmosphere. This includes but is not limited to salt, chemicals, soot, acids, etc. Just imagine all the stuff in the air during fire season collected and dumped on your solar panels.

Also, the rain is not strong or consistent enough to effectively clean your solar panels. If you have ever seen a black car after a rainstorm you know the debris and marks left do not indicate a clean surface. The same goes for your solar panels. Except when a panel gets dirty it not only looks bad, but it is also less efficient. Birds can also wreak havoc on your solar panels. Contact us to learn more about our bird proofing services.

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Solar Panel Contract and Warranty

Many solar panel manufacturers and installers require YOU to routinely clean your solar panels as part of the contract you signed when purchasing or leasing your panels. Failing to do so may limit or prohibit you from enforcing your rights under the contract or applicable warranty.

Although each warranty and contract is different and the terms may vary, having documentation that your solar panels were routinely cleaned by a professional service can assist in the process of protecting your rights in any future dispute.

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As a small business, we go the extra mile for our customers to ensure they are getting top results. We are fully insured so our customers can be confident they are getting a great service with top level solar panel cleaning equipment.

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